Time for a chronological romp through my favorite photos of the year. The first shots come from a trip I took with my Dad up to Kawartha Highlands, Ontario.


20130630This was the view from right near the rustic cabin we stayed in.

20130629-3A stop along our paddle.

20130701-4Prairie milkweed (Asclepias sullivantii)


I took a vacation to Mexico where I meet up with friends Diego and Mariana who were kind enough to show me around their beautiful country.

20130717We visited Las Pozas, a surrealist art project build into the rainforest.

20130718We paddled up a river, well the guides paddled up the river, to this stunning waterfall named Cascada Tamul.

20130721One of my favorite parts of the trip was our boat ride through a mangrove.

20130722-2Sunset on the way back to Mexico City.

20130725-3Yucca in Mexico City


I attended a Bugshot macro photography workshop in Belize!  It was absolutely incredible and my photography skills improved greatly. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip, lots more posted on my flickr account.

20130922-29Barnes’ metalmark (Detritivora barnesi)

20130929-13A horsefly

20130925-17Wandering spider

20130926-25Tigerwing (Mechanitis polymnia)

Looks like a cross between a wasp and a mantis but it’s neither. It’s a mantispid.

20130929-14Potato leaf beetle (Leptinotarsa undecemlineata)

20130926-24Leaf mimicking katydid

20130927-22Metallic leaf beetle (Chrysomelidae), possibly Colapsis sanjoseana

20130925-18Late addition: A pleasing fungus beetle (Family Erotylidae). I think this might be my favorite shot of the year.



Rough woodlouse (Porcellio scaber), I wrote lots more about this here.

20131103-6Bark louse in the order Psocodea that I found on a leaf on a sidewalk in Toronto.

20131016-13Dekay’s brownsnake (Storeria dekayi)

Found on dead elm treeGills of a fungus I found on a dead elm tree, the species is Hypsizygus ulmarius.

Urophora carduiCanada thistle gall fly (Urophora cardui), more on this here.


I took a trip to Arizona over the holidays to visit my Mom and Brother.

20131219-7My brother found this fly in the dog’s water dish :)

20131219-6Teddy-bear cholla (Cylindropuntia bigelovii) glowing in the sun

20131220-4Late day light from my Mom’s place in the high desert, Chino Valley AZ.

20131224-7Granite Basin Lake with Granite Mountain in the background, near Prescott AZ.

20131221-5Grass head. This species is very common in the high desert but only some of them make this perfect circle.

20131224-6Bear grass sunset

20131227-10A convincing leaf mimicking katydid (possibly Microcentrum rhombifolium) I found in a wash in Phoenix.


Yes, Shamrock gets her own category.

20131231-3Took this photo just in time, on new years eve. Gosh she’s cute.

Merry new years y’all.

7 thoughts on “2013 In Photos

  1. Beautiful photos Nash. My favorites (surprisingly not insects!) are the milkweed, mushroom gills, sun-lit cactus and grass head, I think they are excellent shots. Oh and how can I resist those adorable eyes! Shamrock is the sh*t. Mind my language.

  2. Great to hear from you, Nash! My favorites: the metallic leaf beetle, fungus gills, and teddy-bear cholla. How much do you charge for a photo shoot? I have 3 cats… Happy New Year from Raleigh!