Beetles spikes: First beetle of the year! This is a click beetle (family Elateridae). Tip this beetle over on its back and CLICK! pressure built up between pronotal spikes (the pronotum is the top plate of the thorax) and abdomen releases shooting the beetle up in the air.  Lots of click beetles will click when you pick them up too, might scare away a predator but can also pinch you too. Here is a neat video showing a click beetle doing its clicky action.  When I was in Belize someone who had more experience with click beetles than I told me to put a click beetle up to my lips. I got a really nasty pinch! Good lesson though, I’ll never forget that adaptation



Grasshopper tikes: An adorbs pygmy grasshopper (family Tetrigidae) I found out at Presqu’ile Provincial Park last weekend. You can recognize it as a Tetrigidae by the size (only about 1 cm long) and by the pronotum that extends down over the abdomen, just as long as the wings in this case.

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