I am a naturalist, photographer, musician, and a postdoctoral research associate at Michigan State University’s Plant Biology Department. I am passionate about observing, admiring, and understanding the beauty and complexity of organisms of all sizes. My current research with my advisors Lars Brudvig and John Orrock focuses on understanding how land use history, restoration practices, and a range of biotic and abiotic factors shape longleaf pine savanna plant communities.

This blog is mostly a place to share nature photos, natural history stories, and other nifty biological facts and revelations. I also sometimes post about grad student life, mental health, academia, etc and also the occasional cat picture of my adorable cat Shamrock.  You can follow me on twitter, check out my natural history sketches on tumblr, and for more info about me, see here.

Email: nashuagoats AT gmail.com
Twitter: @NashTurley