Signs of Spring

I went for a walk in the woods at Lake Lansing Park North Life is just starting to return from the long winter The salamanders are not around yet but I reckon they will be soon Fungi are always there, digesting and consuming As soon as the weather warms these eastern tent caterpillars (Malacosoma americana) […]

Superstition Mountains

My brother and I bounced along rugged roads, agaves reached into the skies. We found a creepy old abandoned mine shaft.  We foolishly entered and were greeted by a small mammalian craft. The moist cool air hummed with thousands of flies. FacebookTwitterGoogle+

Beautiful Buds!

Winter is kind of sad, all my favorite photography subjects are either dead or dormant. But today it warmed up a bit and there was blue sky out so I found some beautiful subjects that are at their best in the winter, plants’ leaf buds! They are delightfully variable in shape and color among species, and many have […]

2014 In Photos

This is a chronological romp through some of my favorite photos from the year with a little bit of narration as to what I’ve been up to. If you like what you see follow me on this blog or on twitter and flickr.  During a lab retreat in Algonquin Park we found these amazing insects that walk […]

Revelations From BugShot: Envisioning and Capturing a Unique Image

Following the BugShot Macro Photography Workshops at Sapelo Island, Georgia, and last fall in Belize, I have two important new ways of thinking about photography: 1) try to capture an image that is not like others you’ve seen before, and 2) imagine what shot you want to capture and then work towards that goal. Here are three examples […]

Life, Beauty, and Signs of Spring in Southern Ontario

Winter in Canada is pretty good at making you miss all the aspects of nature that you enjoy because, chances are, those living things you love are dead, dormant, or delocalized. (So, I was just trying to keep the alliteration going there, but by delocalized I mean they have cleverly migrated somewhere warmer, I often wonder […]

Parts of the Migratory Locust

Yesterday I was teaching a class on aspects of insect morphology and we had live migratory locust (Locusta migratoria) to play with. Here are some close up photos I took: Femoral-tibial leg joint where stored energy is released with an explosive jump! Compound eye and antenna   Big powerful mandibles for chomping grass. Side of […]

Colorful Leafhoppers

Colorful and beautiful insects are not just in the tropics, they are everywhere. Leafhoppers (family Cicadellidae) are like little spaceships — often with blobs and lines of fantastic colors. I took one of these photos in Toronto and the rest in Belize. Can you guess which one? FacebookTwitterGoogle+

2013 In Photos

Time for a chronological romp through my favorite photos of the year. The first shots come from a trip I took with my Dad up to Kawartha Highlands, Ontario. Ontario This was the view from right near the rustic cabin we stayed in. A stop along our paddle. Prairie milkweed (Asclepias sullivantii) Mexico I took […]