CBC Student Mental Health Town Hall

Tonight at the University of Toronto, CBC hosted a town hall event on the “Student Mental Health Crisis”. It was recorded and parts will be featured on TV and Radio in the next week. Here are some tweets from myself and others that give an idea of what was talked about and raise some new […]

A Journey in Making Plots in R with ggplot2

I use the language R for all of my statistical analyses and also for making figures. This is a little example of what goes into making a nice looking presentation of data in R. Making figures in R is a mostly fun, sometime frustrating, but ultimately rewarding. It is neat to code out a bonkers mass […]

Absurdity of For-Profit Publishing of Peer Reviewed Journals

Publishers of peer-reviewed journals have a business model that is completely unfair and absurd, much more so than publishers of books, music, art, etc. I was quite surprised to learn that scientist have to pay to get their work published in many journals, and furthermore, that subscriptions to journal access (as purchased by universities mostly) […]

Napa Eco-Evo Meeting

I recently met up with a crew of evolutionary-ecologists at the Hendry Vineyard in the Napa Valley to discuss eco-evolutionary dynamics as part of a working group funded QCBS and organized by Eric Palkovacs and Andrew Hendry. Hanging out in a beautiful setting, chatting about ecology and evolution, it is one of the many moments as a […]