Here are all my favorite photos and videos from my recent trip to Iceland along with some ominous music I made: FacebookTwitterGoogle+

Sumac Gall Aphids – Master Tricksters

I was walking around in a cemetery with a friend who spotted these strange balls on staghorn sumac leaves: I figured they were a galls, which are swellings in plants caused by parasitic fungi, bacteria, nematodes, or in most cases, insects and mites. It’s always fun to crack open galls to find out what is living […]

Signs of Spring

I went for a walk in the woods at Lake Lansing Park North Life is just starting to return from the long winter The salamanders are not around yet but I reckon they will be soon Fungi are always there, digesting and consuming As soon as the weather warms these eastern tent caterpillars (Malacosoma americana) […]

Winter Naturalizing in Algonquin Park

Last weekend our lab took a retreat to Algonquin Provincial Park, the oldest and one of the largest (> 7,500 sq. km.) Provincial Park in Canada.  After a 4 hour drive North from Toronto and we arrived at the Wildlife Research Station where we stayed in a delightful cabin adjacent to a lake. The lake, however, […]